Chronic neck or back pain can make life miserable. From limiting your range of motion, to inescapable nerve pain, to numbness and tingling, disk herniations and bulging disks require the treatment of an expert spine surgeon, who can perform a cervical or lumbar disk replacement.  Dr. Alen Nourian is a top-rated orthopedic surgeon and neck and spine surgeon with years of experience helping people to achieve relief from chronic neck and back pain.

Here’s what to know about cervical and lumbar disk replacement performed by Dr. Alen Nourian.


What is Disk Replacement?

As its name implies, disk replacement involves the removal of a damaged disk in your spine, and the insertion of an artificial disk. Cervical disks are those at the top of your spine, running through your neck and up to the base of your skull. Lumbar disks are in the lower portion of your back. Although disks are typically sturdy, they are also subject to overuse injuries, traumatic injuries, or strain from repetitive motion, constant movement, and strain.

Because the disks in your spine are adjacent to nerves in your spinal cord, any damage or deviation can lead to serious back and neck pain. When all conservative treatments have failed to alleviate your pain, a disk replacement may be the best course of action.


What Conditions Require a Cervical or Lumbar Disk Replacement?

Spine specialist Dr. Alen Nourian only recommends surgery as a last resort. Many common spine issues may respond well to non-surgical, and non-opioid treatments. Some conservative treatments may include OTC pain relievers, physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, or lifestyle changes (smoking cessation and weight loss). Unfortunately, conservative treatments won’t always work for conditions such as a cervical disk bulge, a lumbar disk bulge, a lumbar disk herniation, or a cervical disk herniation.

In these conditions, the implantation of a state-of-the-art artificial disk, which is designed to move, bend, and act exactly like a healthy disk, may be indicated. The artificial disks used in lumbar disk replacement and cervical disk replacement will alleviate compressed nerves that are causing you pain. Today, disk replacement surgeries are a leading, innovative alternative to fusion surgeries that were frequently performed in the past.


How long is recovery from disk replacement spine surgery?

If you require a cervical disk replacement or lumbar disk replacement, you should plan to be in the surgery center or hospital overnight, however a majority of our patients are usually able to go the same day after surgery. You are also likely to be uncomfortable in the days following surgery.

All patients will recover in accordance with their own overall health, and adherence to post-operative instructions. You may be required to wear a brace for a period, or you may be advised to use heat or ice therapy to help with any postoperative discomfort. In addition, Dr. Nourian will prescribe a course of exercises to begin after your surgery. Following the directions he provides, will expedite your recovery and help ensure the surgery is a success.


Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatment for Neck & Back Pain, from Spine Specialist, Dr. Alen Nourian 

Dr. Alen Nourian is a unique spine surgeon. In addition to being fellowship trained in spine surgeries, he is also an orthopedic surgeon. This dual training informs Dr. Nourian’s treatments, as he evaluates your neck or back pain from a holistic perspective. In addition to treating common and complex spine conditions in adults, Dr. Nourian is fellowship trained in the management of spinal disorders in children. A sought after international and national lecturer, he has also authored numerous articles and book chapters.

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